Toy Heaven – designed by Elia Felices

Elia Felices really hit the theme of this toyshop spot on. She really understands how the children see the world. Everything about toyshop suggests a world of imagination, a land where everything is possible and that is attractive to children, ass well as to adults. In fact, just looking at the pictures takes you back to your childhood when you’ve always imagined a place like this.

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The images actually represent the interior of a toyshop in Barcelona and the atmosphere inside this place is really enchanting. It is a fantasy world, a space full of magic and surprises. The fun bright colors used in the design fill you with energy and lure you inside the shop. All the furniture was exclusive and especially created for this project. With a toy store that looks like this, there’s no way you’ll ever be in need of costumers. The kids will absolutely love this place! It’s like a dream land.

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If you want to make your kid happy, bring him to this place. His face will instantly light up when he’ll hear the news.