Tower-Like Extension For An Unusual Japanese Home

There are many unusual houses all around the globe but Japan seems to take the lead when it comes to that. Here we can find an abundance of unconventional designs and interesting architectural creations. O House is one of them.

O House extension tower at nightView in gallery

What’s we’re actually interested in is the extension to this residence. The main house is not exactly eye-catching, although it does have its share of intriguing features. The extension, on the other hand, was designed to look like a tall and narrow tower with a huge two-story window.

O House extension street viewView in gallery

O House extension neighborhoodView in gallery

This was a project by Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture, a studio with a creative approach and a solution for every problem no matter how unusual or challenging. It was completed in 2009 and covers an area of only 59.71 square meters.

O House extension site and placementView in gallery

O House extension long curtain

Of course, given the lack of space on the site, the architects chose to build vertically and to gain more floor space that way, hence the two-story tower. But the actual shape of the extension is not the only interesting part of the project. The interior is quite striking as well.

O House extension entrance and stairsView in gallery

O House extension spiraling stairsView in gallery

The spaces inside the tower are organized in a practical and sculptural manner. The staircase that connects the two floors is pretty interesting. It spirals around a curved wall that links the entrance to the rest of the tower.

O House extension staircaseView in gallery

O House extension upstairs stairsView in gallery

The floating stairs maintain a feeling of spaciousness and allow the interior to look airy and bright. Of course, he glazed facade has something to do with that as well. Although there was initially no intention of bringing the outdoors in or emphasizing the views, the architects managed to do that anyway by opting for a full-height window that spans the entire height of the tower.

O House extension interior spaceView in gallery

O House extension ground floorView in gallery

O House extension hallway and diningView in gallery

A really long curtain can easily cover up the window whenever privacy or shade is needed inside the house. This feature adds a really dramatic touch to the whole design of the extension. As far as the layout and organization go, the social spaces are placed on the ground floor while the private zone is upstairs.

O House extension upstairs curtainView in gallery

O House extension upstairs pitched roofView in gallery

There’s a lovely little dining area right next to the entrance and from there the whole floor plan opens up. Upstairs, the sleeping area has beautiful views of the surroundings and also feels quite cozy thanks to the pitched roof.

O House extension bathroomView in gallery

O House extension floor space seen from aboveView in gallery