Tour Table by Gae Aulenti

Here is a transparent table made from used bicycle wheels to support a 4-foot-square sheet of glass called Tour Table. It was designed by an Italian architect and designer Gae Aulenti for FontanaArte.The table is pretty expensive – 6.000$ but it`s cool and very high-end. Gae Aulenti is short for Gaetana Aulenti and she is a very well-known Italian designer, also known for designing the interior of some famous buildings like the museum of modern art and so on.


Any way, the idea of designing this table came probably from the need to have a coffee table on wheels so as to be able to move it around the house, wherever you might need it. And why not use bike wheels instead of the normal small table wheels for a better visual impact? And maybe as an homage to the Tour of Italy.You can actually use these wheels and move this interesting table around. You only need to be careful when you want it still and arrange the wheels so as not to move.