Touches of Black: Sophistication in Décor

It’s been around for ages – the idea of incorporating a little bit of black into each space, that is. Black isn’t associated with sophistication without reason (think: little black dress, little black book), though. It is substantial without being in-your-face. It’s a versatile color that can effortlessly recede into the background or can stand at attention with dignity and ease. Something about its all-encompassing, well, blackness makes us take notice, even subconsciously, that something important is happening in a space. Check out the following examples to see what I mean:

Black door for living
While most components of this contemporary bedroom are light-neutral, the narrow black door pulls it all together. From the pale blue geometric trim on the bedding to the gold-framed mirror and beige walls, neutrality abounds. A bright modern painting adds a lovely touch of character, and the tall charcoal headboard with contrast piping is deliciously individual here. Black as the door color wraps a ribbon of sophistication around this already contemporary package.

Kitchen shelving

An important thing to remember about black is that a little goes a long way. Especially in an otherwise white space. I think the pairing of this antiqued sideboard next to a glossy black gas cooker. And the small drawer-shelves up above draw the eye upward and frame out the pieces resting on top. I love how small bits of black add a chic feel to the charmingly aged vibe of this kitchen, and it’s all in the details – down to the simple black wall hooks on a distressed board.

Black furniture living
To add a significant chic factor into a space, black doesn’t necessarily need to be a solid chunk of mass. Quite the opposite is happening in this space, actually, and the effect is stunning. A chunky trim of black and white Greek key on the green drapes is a perfect framing detail, and its subtle coordination with the thin narrow b&w stripes of the lampshade in the background seems effortless. With an otherwise cool palette, the black pieces sprinkled throughout (table, ottoman, pillow) provide the necessary edginess and, ultimately, sophistication to make this space shine.

Black chandelier
Black in lighting fixtures is never something to be overlooked, and the black chandelier in this bedroom is sophistication incarnate. Silhouetted against a backdrop of sheer white bed curtains, the low-hanging chandelier stands out as much in the daytime as at night. Some soft, neutrals thrown into the mix, such as the grey silk canopy and caramel leather chair, help to round out the space as well. But the black chandelier, paired with crisp white linens, certainly create a romantic bedroom getaway.

Industrial style

Imagine this space without the black trim on the doors in the background. It would still look great, but that simple, slim detail puts this space over the top in awesomeness. Mimicked via a chunky black-and-white striped throw pillow, vertical black lines on the walls (or, in this case, doors) makes for a unique space in a simple way. In particular, black here is powerful because it’s used sparingly and as a juxtaposition against the bright eccentricities found elsewhere. I absolutely love this.

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