Touch Sensor Kitchen Faucet by Newform

If you want to have a modern kitchen than take a look at the new Y-con touch sensor kitchen faucet by Italian company Newform. The touch sensor kitchen features a slim silhouette and contemporary chrome finish punctuated by its innovative electronic touch controls. Also it features a pull-out nozzle with a customizable spray for all of your washing and rinsing needs.


The design is not that special, except for the touch feature. It preserves the classic simple curved silhouette and it adds some modern features to make it distinguishable. Not a lot of people spend more than 5 seconds before deciding what type of faucet to include in the kitchen or bathroom. It seems such a simple decision. Actually it’s not that simple because nowadays there are a lot of options and style that you can choose from.


Don’t be lazy and give this piece a minute of your time. You’ll be thankful later. I know that you also need to spend a lot of time when choosing the furniture and the other features for the house and you probably think this one is less important, but the fact is that every little piece is important because one you purchase it you’ll have to deal with it later. So take your time and give this faucet a chance.