Touch Faucets by Jordan Tomnuk

The variety of touch faucets continues to be growing. The new design by Jordan Tomnuk coming in both a shower and bathroom sink version The inspiration behind these fixtures is creating a slim and minimal design. For those who are interested should know that it features touch sensors that also control hot and cold settings making the other handles useless.

touch faucets

I don’t think you can ever find a faucet simpler than this one. It’s a minimalist design that adds indisputable elegance to any bathroom, regardless of the style that you have chosen for the rest of the features or the design you have chosen for the interior. Not only that but this faucet also features the latest trend in terms of technological developments in this domain. The touch sensors allow you to easily control the temperature of the water as well as the pressure. This faucet makes the old ones look like piece of junk, no offense to those who still own them.

bathroom fixtures with touch sensor

bathroom sink with sensor faucets

I still have to deal with the old, outdated and noisy faucet design, like most of us have to do. When looking at this new faucet design and its features, it almost seems like a dream. But unlike the dreams you have at night, this one has a real chance of becoming true.