Tortoise Lamp

I love turtles as they are very nice animals and kids just love them. They are harmless and people think they are so wise because they never hurry. They are the symbol for old age and experience, for wisdom and patience. Some of them are huge and some are really tiny, but they are all so cute. That is why some designers from Loxton, a lighting company, thought it would be a good idea to manufacture tortoise-like lamps for the kids’ room. This lamp not only looks like a tortoise, but it is very interesting in desgin. It has the tortoise shell made of coloured glass, so it looks like a mosaic.

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The glass in the Tortoise Lamp is coloured in white, green and blue and the light bulb inside makes itspread colourful lights around. You can use this lamp on the desk or table in the kids’ room or maybe in the living room if you like turtles, too. The designer kept all the features of the living animal, so you can easily recognize the head and four legs of the tortoise and enjoy the colourful shell. The lamp works with a 25w pygmy light bulb that provides the amount of light that is necessary for a night lamp, but not for making your homework. The item is now available for £35.90.