Top Ten Caribbean Resorts

Does a trip to paradise means for you strolling on the sandy, white, powdery seashores, azure district, amazing blue seas, mesmerizing landscape, tranquil breezes and exciting sounds? Well, if this is the case, then you will be pleased to know that all these can be found in Caribbean islands.

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In simple terms, Caribbean has been blessed with some of the best secrets of nature. And the icing on the cake is the resorts present in the region.  Magnificent, opulence, exquisite, distinct and impressive are few terms that perfectly describe Caribbean resorts.Here is a list of top ten Caribbean resorts –

Exclusive Tiamo Resort

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Whether you are heading to Caribbean for relaxation, or planning your honeymoon there, Tiamo Resort is one of the best selections that can be made in all the cases. Tiamo Resort is an exclusive resort community situated in the South Andros Island, which is the heart of the Caribbean islands. A visit to the resort is unquestionably is assured to be a unique experience. Accessible by a seaplane or boat, the resort features a private beach and only ten cottages in order to provide its distinctive guests with the ultimate experience. In addition, the resort features a library room, a swimming pool, a restaurant – “The Great room”, and a Tiamo shop.

Luxurious Water Sports Resort – Bitter End Yatch Club

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Located in British Virgin Islands, Bitter End Yatch Club is one of the most premium opulent water sports resorts offering idyllic gateway, family fun, and even romantic escapes. The cottages of the resort are known for their comfort, luxury, elegancy, tranquility, and generous decks offering mesmerizing sea views. The guests have the opportunity to choose from two types of accommodation solutions – 1 or 2 bath estate house, and 2 bedroom cottage. As the resorts shares an ideal location, arrangements have been made for several types of activities such as blue water excursion, wind sports, snorkeling, fishing and more.

Sandy Lane – Legendary Resorts

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If you are looking forward to an ultimate experience on your vacation to Caribbean islands, then you should choose to stay at Sandy Lane. Sandy Lane is unquestionably one of the legendary resorts as it has been serving its client since 1961. The guest suites and rooms are so comfortable as well as spacious that you will definitely never want to take a leave. Another definite feature which has the made the resort world famous is it spa facility. The spa area is truly a world within itself. Various specialized treatments drawn from various parts of the world are offered at the center.

Exclusive Hotel – Hotel Le Toiny

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Exclusivity and privacy are few definite characteristics that define Hotel Le Toiny. The hotel is located in an area of Côte Sauvage and boasts 15 pastel colored cottages overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Each of the cottages features tropical vegetation on all sides, its own private entrance, and red mailbox, which serves as the sign of “Do not disturb”. Privacy of the guests has been given special attention, and this is what has actually made the place out of the ordinary. Other services offered by the Hotel include spa center, cario gym and body fitness room, provision of several activities, and more.

Homely, Opulent Resort – Capest

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One of the best options for accommodation to choose for stay during your vacation to Caribbean is “The Capest”.  It is a 50 room opulent hotel that offers the perfect mix of contemporary comforts and traditional hospitality. All the cottages feature a private swimming pool, outdoor shower area and are equipped with large plasma television and CD & DVD drive and bamboo wardrobes. A multitude of activities has  been provisioned in the resort to keep the guests occupied such as a tennis court, cardio training room, kite surfing and windsurfing sailing, sea kayaks, scuba diving, sport fishing, aerial view by the helicopter, and more.

Spectacular VillaCalivigny Island

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Unlike the other accommodation options, what set Calivigny Island apart from the rest are its lush tropical gardens, powdery sand beaches and crystal clear water. Calivigng Island is truly a world within itself. Ten elegant suite rooms offering mesmerizing views have been exclusively designed fully air conditioner, custom designed furniture pieces, spacious en suite bathroom and a myriad of other amenities. The property also offers a multitude of activities for everybody, including those who enjoy lazing around the beaches to those who love adventures. High trained staff members have been made available 24 hours a day to help the guests with their needs.

Simply Haven – Necker Island

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If a luxury stay with modern amenities is in your list, then you should turn your attention to the Necker Island, which is located in the British Virgin Islands. Spread over an area of 74 hectares, this is one the most amazing unspoiled areas of the Caribbean as the island sits on turquoise water, is surrounded on all sides by coral reefs and features exquisite white sand beaches. Besides booking individual rooms, guests have the exceptional opportunity to hire the island completely. However, the total guest capacity of the island is just 28 as there are only 14 exclusive rooms.From USD $54500 – $56000 per night.

Opulent Private Resort Island – Musha Cay

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Musha Cay is one the most opulent private resort island known all across the globe for its crystal clear turquoise water, white powdery sand beaches, and unspoiled exquisite tropical environment filled with abundant foliage, palm trees and exotic flowers. Spread over a huge area of 150 acres, the property features a maximum capacity of 24 guests. Guests have the exceptional opportunity to either stay in 10,000 square feet private manor house or in thatched beach room featuring private beach and outdoor Jacuzzi. However, both the facilities are supported by exceptional amenities and professional staff members to cater to every need.From USD $37500 – $52500 per night.

Tranquil Serendip Cove

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Tucked in the corner of the Clifton Bay, Serendip cove is truly filled with exclusive charm and character. Guests choosing the resort are imparted with the exceptional opportunity to enjoy the beach and various related activities as the private resort features a beachfront of 600 feet. The main house of the resort features 6 bedrooms with private bathroom, bar, outdoor shower, garage, internet access, and telephone. Pool cottages, on the other hand, sit next to the ocean and feature 8 bedrooms with private bathrooms. However, both the facilities are equipped with the latest facilities such as dining facility, internet access, telephone and more.From USD $12000 – $15000 per night.

Unique Villa – JLH – La Maison Jade

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JLH – La Maison Jade is one of the unique villas featuring a perfect mix of natural materials and modern luxury. Set uniquely on the hillside above the Marigot Beach, the villa features five spacious bedrooms and allows the guest to enjoy tranquil private setting. Out of these, three cottages have been designed superbly with unique Asian decorate. The other amenities and facilities offered by the villa include fitness room with the latest equipment, infinity pool, heated Jacuzzi, satellite television, wi- fi Internet access, flat screen television, refrigerator, oven, surround system, coffee maker, laundry services, maid services, outdoor dining facilities, home theatre, and more.From USD $12000 – $15000 per night.