Top feng shui bedroom design ideas

Feng shui is used to decorate any bedroom with the main aim of creating a positive energy around the place. When the bedroom is decorated using feng shui it would certainly create a calm, nurturing, peaceful and exciting ambience. The first and foremost factor to consider while designing your bedroom using the fen shui ideas would be to place your television and computer outside the bedroom. These two elements would possibly destruct the passing of the positive energy.

Feng shui bedroom3

Appropriate lighting: fen shui is all about the brighter aspects and while designing the bedroom ensure to have various levels of lighting, which needs to be adjusted according to the mood to create the ambience. A good idea would be the use of non-toxic candles to light up the room.

Feng shui bedroom3

Artwork to pass good energy:  the walls of your bedroom should be adorned with happy and pleasing artwork and definitely not sad and dull paintings ort wall hangings. The idea of feng shui is to create and spread happiness and warmth and the paintings and pictures on the walls would be an influence on your mood.

Follow the basic guidelines: any feng shui design of the bedroom must comply with the basic guidelines i.e. a) the cot should be approachable from both sides.

Feng shui bedroom3

b) There should be a bedside table on either side of the cot.

c) The cot should not be placed in line with the bedroom door

Use of soothing colors: the walls of the bedroom should be appropriately painted with pleasing and soothing colors, which would instantly lift your mood the minute you step in. care should be taken not to use bold and bright colors, which would hinder the passage of strong positive vibes.

Feng shui bedroom3

Good ventilation: the bedroom must be designed in such a way that there is sufficient ventilation to allow the negative air to pass out and the room should be filled with fresh and crisp air.

I hope that by following the above few fen shui bedroom design ideas you would be able to create a strong positive flow of energy in the atmosphere, which would help you lead a happy and healthy life.{picture sources:1,2,3,4}.