Top DIY Halloween Accessories

There are lots of things that you make yourself and use to decorate your home for Halloween. Actually, this is probably the best way to go. It’s fun for everyone and you don’t have to spend time shopping for decorations, spend money and time and get home tired. Here are some things that you can make yourself and that are easy and fun to create.

1. DIY Halloween Mummy Lanterns.

Mummy Lanterns

In order to make these decorations you’ll need small balloons, plaster cloth, cooking spray, small LED tealights, a pin and scissors. The process is very simple and it won’t take long. Just blow up some balloons, cover them in cooking spray and then lay on the paper mache material. Don’t cover the entire balloon. Let them dry and after that pop the balloons inside. Cut an opening so that you’ll be able to place them on a flat surface and turn on the tealights.{found on homeseasons}.

2. DIY Spooky Halloween Planters

DIY Spooky Halloween Planters

This project takes even less time than the previous one and the results can be very surprising. The idea is very simple. If you have some plants in your home, start decorating their pots. All you need are some brushes of different dimensions and some colors. First paint the whole pot in either black, orange or any other color you want to use for the background. Then paint some faces or some spooky images using contrasting colors. If you decide to go with the faces, then the plants can be the hair.{found on arianebernard}.

3. DIY Witch-Like Lampshade.

DIY Witch-Like Lampshade

Since most lamps have that hat-like lampshade, this would be a great opportunity to make some witch lamps. For this project you’ll need X-acto kinfe. black foam core, 8″ mixing bowl, black ribbon, scissors, tape, lamp shade, hot glue gun, purple ribbon, buckle and a lamp. If you don’t have them all don’t worry, just use what you have. This way your lamp will be original. First cut a circle from foam core 6″ wider than the bottom of lamp shade. Use 5’’ of black ribbon to ape one end to the inside of the shade and then wrap it around the shade until it’s completely covered. Add a line of hot glue where the shade meets the foam core and add some purple ribbon. Reassemble the lamp and you’re done. If you feel extra creative you can also decorate the base of the lamp.{found on parents}.

4. DIY Halloween Wall Clock.

Halloween wall clock

If you have an old clock that is still functional but is not one of your favorite decorations, you can use it to create a seasonal design. For this you’ll need some webs( if you don’t have any you can just draw them), glitter spiders( or simple ones if you don’t like glitter), and white spray paint. First paint the clock, let it dry and then apply the spider webs. Now just glue the spiders on the clock and you’re done.{found on eighteen25}.

5. DIY Halloween Bottles.

Halloween bottles

If there’s something that anyone has in their home is bottles. If you don’t have bottles just laying around you’ll probably buy some for Halloween anyway so you can use those. All you have to do is paint the bottles and then print some Halloween pictures onto velum paper. Cut them out and glue them to the bottles and you’re done. The content of the bottles won’t even be affected.{found on messyroost}

6. DIY Pumpkin And Ghost Bowls.

Mummy Lanterns

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without candy. And this means you’ll need some bowls to store the candy so a very good idea would be to decorate those with some spooky prints. You can make them from paper bags and tissue paper, plus some white glue. After you make the bowls, cover the base with a plastic grocery bag and then brush them with glue mixture (with water) and laid tissue paper cut into strips. Let them dry and fill them with candy.{found on thelongthread }.

7. DIY Jack O’ Lantern Pomanders.

Mummy Lanterns

Another cute idea is to use oranges that resemble pumpkins a little, much smaller of course. You can decorate them using whole cloves to create funny faces. Use a toothpick for easy insertion. You could also continue the idea and add some crazy hair.{found on eighteen25}.

8. Tin-Can Jack-o’-Lanterns.

Mummy Lanterns

Finally, here’s another interesting idea for Halloween. If you want something different you can robots for a change. The idea is very simple. Take some cans and make holes in them. You can create robot faces or basically anything else. In order to make the holes without ruining the can, first fill them with water and let them froze. After that place them on a bag of rice and punch holes with an awl and a hammer. Defrost the cans and paint them. Add some candles inside and you’re done. Now you start a new tradition.{found on martha}.

These are just a few ideas that you can use as inspiration. Thee are plenty of other items you can make for Halloween. You can even invent some yourself. Just use your imagination, creativity and anything else you can find around the house.