How To Make Cleaning The House Fun – 5 Simple Tips

Activities such as cleaning the house are rarely pleasant but the simple fact that it can be fun means that you can try to exploit the things that make it possible. So what exactly can make cleaning seem like fun? Well, have you tried these strategies?

Turn it into a contest

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Let’s say you don’t have to clean the house by yourself. It’s a great opportunity to turn this into a contest. For example, see who can clean the windows faster or who can wash most dishes in 5 minutes. If the kids help too, the first one who finishes cleaning their room and passes the inspection can reveice a prize.

Try a new tool or product

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Trying something new is always fun. So when you’re out shopping, maybe you can find a new tool or a new cleaning product you can use the next time you clean the house. You’ll surely be excited to see the results so cleaning will be a lot easier and more entertaining.

Plan everything step by step

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If you plan your cleaning in a particular way, it’s a lot easier. For example, start with the shelves, move on to the desk, the dishes, the carpet, etc. This way, once you’re done with a certain task, you actually get to see the results and you feel like you’re actually getting things done and you can’t wait to get to the next thing on the list.

Reorganize the room

Living room fireplace design posh
It’s always fun to rearrange things in the room. So make cleaning more fun and entertaining by also moving around the furniture and rethinking the whole décor. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Perhaps you can simple change the location of a few things.

Time it

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Some tasks seem to take a lot longer than they actually do simply because they’re boring. So f you time everything you’ll know approximately how long it should take you to get a certain thing done and it will be less of a drag.