Top 5 washbasins we love

After presenting some articles related to this topic, we decided to make a list of the 5 most impressive washbasins we could find. In case you were looking for something similar for your own bathroom, maybe this list will ease your work.

1. Kinea

Countertop Washbasin SASSO Mastella Design

The first item we’re going to discuss is called Kinea and it’s a very simple and yet elegant washbasin designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini. It was designed for all types of homes, regardless of their age or interior design. Kinea is elegant and simple, but this doesn’t stop it from being an eye-catching piece. Because of its neutral and simple design, Kinea is also a very versatile piece that would happily complement any bathroom, private or public.Available on Teuco.

2. Travertino

Countertop Washbasin SASSO Mastella Design

This particular washbasin doesn’t look anything like the first one presented here. First of all, the materials used to make them differ since Travertino is made of marble. It’s not just the material that differ but just about everything. Travertino is definitely not a standard washbasin. It has an uncommon shape that makes it special from the start. It’s definitely a modern, even contemporary creation meant to be included into a sophisticated bathroom, where stye and elegance is important.Available on neolith.

3. Iroko

Countertop Washbasin SASSO Mastella Design

Sharing a somewhat similar design with Travertino, the Iroko washbasin is also a modern creation and it’s made of marble, just like it’s bigger brother. It was designed for modern bathrooms, where style and looks definitely play an important role. It’s a very simple piece, the only thing that makes it stand out being it’s design. It’s a subtle but elegant way of designing eye-catching pieces without using pointless decorations.Available on neolith.

4. Gaja Dark washbasin

Countertop Washbasin SASSO Mastella Design

Unlike its earlier competitors, Gaja Dark is visually more imposing and also more masculine-looking. This impression is given by the shape that is basically a square and also by the material used which is stone. It’s an impressing piece both in terms of design and durability. It’s not as versatile as the Kinea washbasin for example because not any bathroom would make a good environment for such an item. So think carefully before making a decision.Available on neolith.

5. Sasso

Countertop Washbasin SASSO Mastella Design

Sasso is another stone washbasin but this is the only similar aspect between this one and the Gaja Dark washbasin. Their designs are obviously different. Sasso is oval-shaped and the curved lines make it look more feminine and definitely more romantic than any other one presented here. One thing is certain: all these washbasins share in common simplicity, elegance and style. Some of them were inspired by nature while others were just meant to be eye-catching or simply functional.Available on MastellaDesign.