Top 13 Unusual And Intriguing Sofa Designs

The living room is the most utilized space in the house, whether it’s for entertaining guests, hosting parties and other events or for relaxing and spending quality time with the other family members. The sofa is usually the focal point of the living room regardless of the style, color, shape of material. Some sofas, however, have designs that are so unusual and intriguing they stand out more than usual.

Star System.

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The Star System was designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone and is part of the Giovannetti Collezioni. The sofa designs feature buttons that shine like stars on the night sky. The bold upholstery colors and the solid but delicate shapes make the collection interesting and alluring.

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Made in Italy and featuring a simple but sophisticated design, the Abaco sofa is one of those perfect pieces for contemporary homes. Smooth curves, unconventional combinations of forms and an overall harmonious and comfortable look give the sofa a casual yet luxurious look.

Modular Sofa for Small Spaces

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Sofa Alternativo is a modular piece made of several different pieces which can be arranged in a variety of ways and even stacked vertically to occupy less space. This detail makes the sofa great for small living rooms.

Pixel Sofa

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Designed on the concept of Cristian Zuzunaga by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, the Pixel sofa catches the eye with its bold palette of colors and original look. It’s suitable for modern living rooms but also for offices and public spaces.

Creative Animal Sofa

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These sofas have designs inspired by various animals and they’re the work of Rodolfo Rocchetti from Tappezzeria Rocchetti. They’re all made with faux fur so no worries there. The design is approach is quite unusual.

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The Feel Seating System by Animi Causa has a design inspired by a molecular structure. The sofa is made of 120 balls covered with elastic fabric which can be used in numerous interesting and creative ways.

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Use it as a chair or as a sofa and enjoy its flexibility and uniqueness. We’re talking about Flexible Love, a piece of furniture which is simply cool to have in your home or anywhere else you go. It’s made of wood and paper.

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The sofa designed by Lila Lang is designed to be used in corner spaces. One half is just your plain regular sofa but the other is basically climbing on the wall. Though we’re not sure how functional this design is, the sofa is definitely interesting to look at.

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Another sofa that has a really cool design is the one that a student from BCUC created. It looks like a giant brush and it looks really fun. However, it’s not the type of sofa on which your guests would feel comfortable.

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The Lava Sofa, on the other hand, seems to be all about comfort. It was designed by Kristen Antje Hoppert and Steffen Knoll for Core furniture and it’s a really sleek and stylish sectional with a modern and very simple design. The soft, upholstered mats that are also part of its design make it awesome for casual get togethers.

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Morpheo is a sofa bed with a simple but ingenious and unusual design. In a way, it looks like a cute monster with bright tentacles or eyes that look down on the users and they sit on the sofa or bed. The piece is available in a range of attractive colors including white, red and green.

Moat bed reversed water filledView in gallery

This aquatic sofa is definitely one bizarre piece of furniture. It’s a sort of hybrid between a sofa and a pool. We have no idea what materials were used for this design or how the sofa manages to remain intact when there’s water surrounding. And white the idea seems cool and interesting, the design is not exactly practical.{found on dornob}.

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Loopita is a dynamic and incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Use it as a chair, a sofa, indoors, outdoors and however else you want to. You can twist it, swirl it and even combine several pieces to form a modular and unique seating arrangement.