Top 5 Bedroom Design Styles for 2013

The bedroom should be a place to relax and hide away in after a long day, but more often than not it becomes less of a sanctuary and more of a landing site. Turn your bedroom back into a retreat with one of this year’s top design schemes – these are some of our favourites.


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While “contemporary” is a rather all-encompassing term, it has to be said that most modern design takes inspiration from the clutter-free style of minimalism, but with far more freedom when it comes to décor – bold block colours and cosy furnishings are definitely the way to go for an easy, simple project.


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Think Parisienne-style design for a really classic touch in your bedroom. An ornate sleigh-bed and a collection of pale hues like those in Wren Bedrooms’ Classic Arched Cream room, alongside something that sparkles and reflects the light, will give your room an old-world feeling to escape to.


Minimalist bedroomView in gallery

Minimalist bedroom1View in gallery

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If you’re somebody who has a lot of multitasking to deal with in the day, a minimalist bedroom could be the perfect way to unwind. It takes some innovation, as the concept of minimal décor means no books on the shelves, no ornaments and definitely no clutter, but the result is a bedroom that promises an air of peace and quiet.


Baroque bedroomView in gallery

Baroque bedroom1View in gallery

If the sound of minimalism isn’t really your cup of tea, try the total opposite! Baroque fashion hit the runway in 2012 and this year it’s sure to make a big impact in the home as well. Think royalty and opulence, with rich colours and dark woods, and look out for reflective ornaments in brass, gold and crystal for a room that oozes aristocracy.


Wood bedroomView in gallery

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Wood can be used in a variety of ways in the bedroom, and can be used in a wider scheme to create a room of natural materials, giving it a kind of synergy with the outside of your home. Wooden panels or even exposed wooden beams are a great way to achieve this, particularly with pale woods to lift the light and create a feeling of openness – the bedroom design by the New Forest’s Hotel TerraVina should give you some inspiration. With a natural colour palette and even one or two indoor plants, you can create a miniature Eden in your own bedroom.