Top 5 Armchairs We Love

After presenting several seating options, most of them armchairs, it’s time to draw a line and to make a list of the five most comfortable and functional armchairs we could find. The five competitors have been selected for their looks, comfort level and accessibility. Hopefully this will help you in your search for the perfect armchair for your own home.

1. Catifa 70 Soft

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Our first option is called Catifa 70 Soft and it was designed by Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr and Manel Molina in 2011. So it’s new product with a classic design and it’s available in leather or fabric. It has a very simple design and it’s available with or without armrests. Catifa 70 Soft is also a very comfortable armchair that can be used in the office or living room.Available on arper.

2. Silla

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Silla is a little more stylized than out first model. It’s an upholstered armchair with an artistic look and a modern design. It’s covered in leather and it comes in several different color and texture combinations. It has a somewhat dramatic look but it’s actually very friendly one you realize how comfortable it can be. Silla was designed by Romeoorsi.

3. Island 795

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Our third model is an unconventional armchair given that it doesn’t have the same characteristic as the standard one. It comes in nylon or fire retardant eco-leather and it looks more like a giant pouf than like an actual armchair. Nevertheless, despite it’s size, Island is very light and easy to move around because it’s been provided with a practical handle. It’s available in two colors, black and silver, and it’s a very comfortable piece, suitable for living rooms, waiting rooms and relaxation areas.Available on pedrali.

4. Sumo

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With only two models left to show you, we now present you Sumo, a strong and eye-catching armchair. One you hear the name you agree that it’s been well chosen. Sumo features a voluminous design, with well defined lines and an overall masculine look. It’s upholstered in leather up to 5 mm thick and it’s a very durable piece. And to make you feel even more comfortable, Sumo also comes with a footstool sharing the same design.Available on bruehl.

5. Living Landscape 750

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Our last option features a less fun name but, in the same time, it continues the tradition of great comfort. This is a very soft and cozy armchair that makes you feel like you’re sinking in its softness. It has a geometrical design and clearly delimited lines. It’s also a voluminous piece but it’s a little more gracious than Sumo. This leather-upholstered armchair was designed by Eoos.

Overall, all five model presented here share in common the high comfort level, even though their designs are very different. Of course, the diversity of designs also allows you to take into consideration other elements like the shape, color, texture etc.