Top 4 Bedroom Gadgets We Love

It’s common nowadays for people to feel as though technology should be banned from the bedroom, with many people believing that it hinders relaxation and sleep. While there certainly are gadgets that act as more of a distraction, there are also plenty that will help you ensure your bedroom remains a peaceful environment. Bring your bedroom into the 21st century with these excellent hi-tech bedroom additions.

Smart Bedside Table.

Smart bed table

Bedside tables aren’t just a dumping ground for accessories and essentials anymore; with a bedside table like La Vella, you’ll have a full power strip built into the cabinet, meaning that the days of wires trailing all over the place are over. Plus, they come in a range of colours, so they don’t even have to look any different – unless you want it to!

TV Bed.

Smart tv bed

Yes, that’s right: for the ultimate in comfort, style and technology in your bedroom, you can’t get much better than a bed with an integrated desk. They come in a range of builds – just take a look at Time4Sleep’s TV bed selection – and will make spending the weekend in bed much more entertaining!

MP3 Speakers.

Living room ceiling speakers

Whether you’re playing music through an Android smartphone or an Apple device, you can now get a fully-fitted sound system that allows you to play your music selection throughout the house. Rather than a standalone system, consider getting some speakers built into the ceiling for a trendy, integrated look.{image from sinthesis}.


Iphone night stand

Beech wood iPhone alarm dock

Okay, so it might seem like a bit of a cop-out, but your mobile phone really is one of the best pieces of kit you can have with you in the bedroom. There are hundreds of apps dedicated to those eight hours of sleep: our favourites are the Smart Alarm Clock, which tracks your body movements and wakes you up when it senses you’re at the end of a natural sleep cycle; Sleep Talk Recorder, which allows you to hear yourself talking and even upload it online; and UNIQLO WAKE UP, a truly delightful alarm clock which wakes you up with a soothing voice telling you the day, time and weather forecast – all over specially composed piano music.