Top 38 Retro Home Office Designs

Trying to keep up with all the changes and the tendencies in style can be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to sit down, relax and remember how much easier it would be if you could just go back in time.

A classical home office featuring bright colors and friendly shades

That’s obviously not possible. However, you can try to recreate your favorite era through the interior design. You’ll probably choose the retro style so today we’re going to turn our attention to three directions: the classic, vintage and country styles and we’re going to adapt them to a particular room of the house, the home office.

Add a touch of romanticism to your desk with the help of flowers
A retro desk with retro decorations that match it beautifully
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The design of the desk is often the most important feature

We’re going to start with the classic style that was predominant in the 19th and early 20th century. It’s mostly dominated by elegance. The furniture during this period had curved lines and beautiful silhouettes, the details were small in number but striking in design. The colors are sober and mostly neutral and there’s a distinguished tone that can be seen in everything.

An elegant table with a worn finish can also make a wonderful desk
In a retro décor most pieces usually match
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Add wall decorations and artwork that support the style
Antique furniture has a unique charm that you can’t recreate
Add some style to your work corner with some wallpaper
A retro desk needs to have a retro chair and lamp
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The little details in the hardware and design often make all the difference
Pace your desk in front in a window for more natural light
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The desk and chair in this case match beautifully
Pick an accent color and use it throughout the room
A very beautiful desk with chic lines complemented by floral accents
The color palette also sets the mood in a room
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The black-stained desk and its worn finish give this corner a unique charm
Color contrasts can also make a space stand out
A classical desk with elegant lines and details
You can opt for matching furniture if you prefer a cohesive décor

If you want something a little more casual and less sober, maybe the vintage style is the one for you. It could best be described by two terms: romance and theatre. The vintage elements tend to be simpler and more colorful. The floral patterns were starting to be appreciated during that period and this helped create the typical romantic patterns that we all distinguish today. There was also a theatrical side of this style that resulted from the combination between simple designs and striking details.

Wooden furniture is a wonderful choice for vintage or retro decors
This classical chair accentuates the overall elegant interior design
Try to balance out the décor so that your gadgets don’t stand out much
The floral pattern on the wallpaper matches the chair’s upholstery
A very simple and small work area with subtle touches of color
For a more sober and elegant look, go with darker colors
Keep the décor practical and user-friendly but don’t overcomplicate it
A very nice variation of matching colors and textures
Feel free to personalize the work space with suitable accent pieces
The grey and yellow combination is both elegant and cheerful
Color can be introduced in a décor in many different ways
Most often, the accessories are great for adding color to a space

Those who prefer elements that are practical and care less about the looks might be happier with a country décor. This particular style is dominated by the inclination towards efficiency and practicality. The looks are less important and the furniture starts to get simpler, with no decorative details and the users are more preoccupied with the comfort level and their immediate needs rather than concern about the way the other perceive their home.

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A rather simple and neutral wooden desk complemented by a red chair
The accent pattern you choose can feature variations
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The wooden chair in this case features a very interesting design
Wallpaper is a very simple and convenient way of working with pattern
A small work space should be bright so pick the colors carefully
White always work with the rest of the room

Now that you know the main characteristics of these three directions you can choose which one would work best for you. After all, the office is a private space where the most important person is you and your needs and preferences are those that matter the most.{pics from here}