Clever Ways To Use And Store Your Folding Chairs

Having a large collection of folding chairs is perfect when you’re expecting guests but what do you do with all these chairs after they all leave? Surely, you must find a good place to store them. And what about those folding chairs that are more than that? Those seem like a wonderful investment.

Outdoor patio folding chairsView in gallery

Folding chairs let you improvise a comfy seating area for your guests in no time. They’re also ideal for outdoor spaces because you can store them indoors during winter or storms without wasting too much space.

Hang foling chairs on wallView in gallery

Of course, they’re also really practical inside the house as well, and not just when you’re expecting guests. For example, if you have a not so spacious kitchen and you design a dining area with a fold-down table, you’ll also want some folding chairs for it too. When you’re done using them, store them on the wall above the table.{found on bruncon}.

Desile folding chairView in gallery

When the chair is as slim and practical as this one, finding a good spot for it isn’t hard. The Desile Chair was designed by Christian Desile, it’s made of bamboo ad it can open in two directions.

The poetsView in gallery

These folding chairs are called The Poets, the reason for that being that they’re ideal for reading. They actually come with their own reading lamp and they’re designed to be easily stored against the wall when not needed.

Wedge side tableView in gallery

These things are not exactly chairs and they don’t have a folding design but they’re definitely cool and space-saving. They’re the Wedge side tables designed by Andreas Kowalewski. They have a clever flatpack design and they’re simple to build, store and transport.