ToiletSpirit Trompe l’oeil Wallpaper and Toilet Rod

It’s always fun to find unconventional designs and concepts to use in your home. It’s a way of giving personality to this space while also making it original. Today we found a wonderful example to share with you. This is a creation of French company Koziel . They came up with a very interesting and unusual concept for the bathroom wallpaper.

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It’s not exactly fair to call this wallpaper as it defies the basics. It may look like just a strange design when seen from the distance but, as you get closer, you see that those circles that form the pattern actually hide the toilet paper dispensers. This design actually allows you to cover an entire wall in toilet paper. It’s very intriguing but also very clever. It’s both practical and visually pleasing. The design is modern and adds a crazy touch to something very basic and simple.

Toilet spiritView in gallery

With this concept you’ll be able to add some fun elements to your bathroom décor without neglecting functionality. The toilet paper rolls are there to trick the eye and to form a pattern for the wall. They are also there for you to be able to hide the real ones in plain sight. It’s a very original concept based on practicality and ingenious thinking. It’s true it could be a little tricky at first to remember which role is the real toilet paper and which ones are there just for décor. Still, it’s worth the effort considering the playfulness of the design.