Today is a Good Day:Cheerful cushion cover

Positive and cheerful messages always make our day more beautiful. For example, a welcome mat with a lovely message can put you in a good mood when you enter your home. Also, a cushion with a message such as “Today is a good day” can potentially make your day even better than it already is. And even if you’re not having a good day, this message might change that. If not, it’s always going to be there tomorrow to remind you the same thing.

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This lovely cushion cover is something every home should have. It would also make a great gift for someone you are about. It’s one of those things nobody can say anything bad about because it’s just too nice. The cushion cover is made from 100% linen cotton. It has a square shape and measures 50 x 50 cm. The message is screen printed using non-toxic water-based inks. The front of the cushion is white and the message is inside a dark blue square. The back of the cushion is dark blue. There’s also a version with black and white combinations.

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The cover is sold separately and doesn’t come with an insert. It’s a great inspiration. It has a simple design and the focus is on the message, not the looks. It’s also a versatile piece. It can be used as an accent piece or focal point in a room. Use it in your living room where it will most definitely become the subject of many discussions or in the bedroom where it will instantly cheer you up. Available for $65.