Toco Habitat Pitcher

I am not a huge fan of soda and of all those colourful things you can see in bottles, but kids are crazy about them. Instead, I prefer making lemonade when it’s hot and sunny and everybody is thirsty. It is natural and home made and a lot more fun if you do it together with your children. Any way, every time I make lemonade I have to search for a pitcher in my house, as these items are not used so frequently. But I have just found this colourful and funny Toco Habitat Pitcher that is great for both kids and adults.

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Toco habitat pitcher1View in gallery

First of all it is the design that attracts all eyes, as the pitcher is made to look like a toucan, you know the bird with a huge red beak. But apart from its design, it has a generous size – 26cm H, 19cm diameter and is dishware and microwave safe. This piece of stoneware is really beautiful and nice and the “beak” is also very helpful when you want to pour the contents of the pitcher without spilling. The item is available on Anthropologie and can be purchased for €34.95.