How To Get Your Home Ready For Receiving Guests

Think of all the times you were a guest in someone else’s home and you wished you’ve brought a few extra things with you, things that the host failed to supply. Or maybe you has a really enjoyable experience and you’d like to do the same thing for your own guests. In either case, here are a few things to help set up your home when you’re expecting guests.

Take care of the sleeping arrangements.

Guest room homey touches

Depending on how many guests you’re expecting, you may need to add a mattress so they can all have a place to sleep. It’s always handy to have an inflatable mattress just in case.

Provide some storage space for your guests.

Guest room homey touches

You should include a few things like a luggage rack, some hangers and a small table in your guest room so that whoever visits can feel comfortable and unpack some of their things without having to keep them on the bed or floor.

Stock up the bathroom.

Guest room homey touches

Be sure to go shopping for bathroom supplies before your guests arrive. The bathroom should include soap, shampoo, some extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, a few razors, some feminine products and plenty of toilet paper.

Stock up the bedroom.

Guest room homey touches

In the room where your guest(s) will be sleeping you should put an extra blanket or two on the bed just in case they get cold, some pillows as well as a lamp for the nightstand and maybe a few magazines in case your guests enjoy reading before going to sleep. If the room has a TV, be sure to leave the remote somewhere where they can easily find it.

Add a few homey touches.

Guest room homey touches

Make your guests feel comfortable by including some of their favorite things in the guest room or in the house in general. For example, get some of their favorite flowers and put them in a vase on the nightstand, some of their favorite snacks in a basket or their favorite book on the bed.