Tips To Choose the Ideal Curtains

Next to the paints, curtains are the most important contributors to the ambiance created in a room. The right kind and style of curtains can make the room look larger, broader, warmer and cozier, depending on the way you want it. Most people hang bamboo blinds or roman shades a few inches below the ceiling to give the impression of a much bigger and hence more beautiful window. For glass walls or large windows, floor-to-ceiling curtains look very beautiful. When a little light is needed, you can tie the drapes in the middle to give an elegant look.

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Venetian blinds can help control the amount of sunlight that can enter the room. When sunlight is a necessity, go for filter curtains or transparent blue or pink curtains. Most people choose curtains that match the color of the wall pain. This can give a uniform velvety look to the room. You could also choose contrasting colors of curtains that let you draw attention to your beautiful windows, green plants or antique lampshades placed near the windows.

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It’s usually good to avoid murky, dull colors for curtains. Bright curtains always bring and preserve energy in the house whereas light blue and pink shades create a calm and serene ambiance.

Striped curtains.

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Horizontal stripes should make a room seem larger whereas vertical stripes draw attention to the height of the room. But even without considering these features, striped curtains are great to have if you wish to break the monotony.

Floral patterns.

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Floral designs, especially on curtains and upholstery, are synonyms with traditional interior decors. Of course, you can create an eclectic look for your home by combining elements from different styles.

Curtains as wall art.

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Curtains are not just for covering up the windows and glass walls. They can also be used as wall art. For example, hang a curtains on the wall behind the living room sofa and you’ll create a chic focal point.

White and breezy.

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White curtains have a very breezy look and they’re wonderful for beach houses. They look especially great if the walls and ceiling are also white. This way the furniture and décor accessories stand out more.

Green curtains.

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Green is a very refreshing color so, if you wish to energize a room without necessarily painting the walls a bold color, you can easily do that with green curtains.