Tips For Turning Your Bathroom Into A Cozy And Inviting Retreat

In any house there are usually two rooms where you can go and relax, be alone and feel comfortable. Those are the bedroom and the bathroom. Today we’re going to focus on the bathroom and on elements that can help you make it feel more inviting and relaxing. The bathroom should feel like a cozy retreat and there lots of things you can do to make sure that happens.

1. Use rain shower heads.

Floor mirror
Install the rain shower head in the center so you can take full advantage of it.

Many people prefer the shower to the bathtub. It takes less time to take a shower and it makes you more dynamic. It’s important for the water to have the perfect temperature and to be friendly with your body. It’s why rain shower heads are a very nice idea. The water falls at 90 degrees, just like the rain. It gives you a nice and pleasant feeling and it’s also relaxing.

2. Have spa robes.

Floor mirror
Store the spa robes in a cabinet or hang them on the wall or door

What people appreciate about hotel rooms and spas is that they offer those nice robes in which you feel so comfortable and cozy. So why couldn’t you have those at home? Space robes should be a must-have in the bathroom. Before you buy them, pay attention to the material. You should try to find robes that are made of cotton or cotton velour and terry which has a soft look just like the velvet.

3. Heated towel racks.

Floor mirror
You can place your heated towel rack anywhere and it usually fits perfectly

Heated towel racks are a simple and very nice addition to any bathroom. They are not expensive and they are also very practical and useful. They allow your towels to quickly dry out and they don’t retain humidity so they don’t get an ugly smell either. Moreover, it’s very pleasant to have a warm towel when you get out of shower.

4. Ottomans and storage baskets.

Floor mirror
A bathroom ottoman or chair is usually a multifunctional piece of furniture

Having an ottoman or a chair in the bathroom can be a very nice thing. You can sit down and relax while you wait for the tub to fill with water or you can sit down while you brush your hair, etc. it would be even better to have ottomans that also double and storage containers. But you can always add storage baskets if you feel like you need them.

5. A full-length mirror.

Floor mirror
A full-length mirror will also make your bathroom look more open and spacious

Having a mirror is imperative for the bathroom. But the type of mirror you choose is a personal decision. However, we strongly encourage you to opt for a full-length mirror if you have the space. It allows you to see yourself and to analyze your body and, if you don’t have a wall for it, you can just place it behind the door.

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