Tips For The Perfect Garden Gazebo

If there is somewhere in your garden that affords a great view, then why not enjoy it in a little style? A summer house might be the perfect thing to build, but for an open and panoramic feel go for a gazebo instead.Gazebos are open pavilion structures that offer some shelter from the sun or rainfall, but are open.

Classic gazebo

Classic gazebo styling will have an octagonal form, a turreted roof, or both. The idea of a gazebo is that it is freestanding, creating a room in a garden but, unlike an outbuilding, remaining part of the outdoors. When considering commissioning a gazebo, think about its location first and foremost. At the top of an incline is a popular choice so you get a good view from it, but why not tuck yours away in a private area to create a meditative space?

Garden gazebo

Another good choice is beside a pool, so you have some shade nearby. Secondly, consider the design aesthetics. You will want something that is not utterly disconnected with your home’s architecture, but a gazebo gives you the opportunity to try something a little out of the ordinary in a way other structures don’t.

The Modern Look.

Glass outdoor seating

Backyard lounge

Ultra modern gazebo designs will appeal in all but the most traditional of garden settings. A clear gazebo is one that may fit the bill depending on your home’s exterior. After all, gazebos are principally designed as elaborate viewing platforms, so glass may be the perfect structural material. There is no need to go for the traditional octagonal design. Open cubes work particularly well, too, and give a modern look.

The Gazebo Porch.

Traditional gazebo

Traditional wood gazebo

Unlike a regular porch, a gazebo should be free standing and open. However, installing one next to the home as an adjunct, or even instead of, a porch is becoming increasingly popular. This is particularly so if the land is uneven, or falls away, and you need to make the structure safe to use with balustrades. Go for a turreted roof line for a gazebo/porch so that it retains some distinctive flavour and does not simply become part of the rest of the house.


Circular and large gazebo

Wedding gazebo
Along with pagodas, kiosks are traditional gazebo designs that are Asian in origin. Kiosk designs are still common in public gardens and seen all over Southeast Europe and Turkey. In domestic settings they can look fantastic and create a place to enjoy a pleasant summer’s afternoon with a good book and a glass of wine. In more formal settings, they can make focal points and nominal destinations, like a folly.

Poolside Pergolas.

Poolside gazebo

Poolside gazebo1

Ever popular, a gazebo that is next to the pool will double as a shade maker and as a place which will afford a little more privacy than open ground, if the garden is overlooked. Whether your poolside gazebo has classic architectural styling or modern, cube based geometry the function should be the same. Consider where to place yours so that it creates as much shade as possible. Check the movement of the sun in high summer before building yours. The poolside gazebo need not be a large structure. Drapes will allow you to add more privacy from time to time, should you need it.


Gazebo lighting

Gazebo lighting1

To get the most out of your gazebo, install some lighting. This way, you will be able to enjoy it well into the evening. A gazebo is ideal during the day to relax under. However, it is also a great place to entertain in the evening and enjoy a summer barbecue. Waterproof light fittings make the perfect addition to any domestic gazebo.

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