Smart Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen – 10 Clever Tips

Small kitchens are known to give a lot of headaches when it comes to finding an interior design that suits them. The main problem with them is the fact they need to include a lot of storage in a cramped space. The solution, theoretically, is quite simple: smart organization. But reaching the desired result can be a challenge.

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Long and narrow kitchens are not the easiest to organize and decorate but they are, however, quite common so plenty of design solutions were created over the years to deal with the challenges they present. Most often, they are flanked by two rows of cabinets, one on either side.

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But when such a layout simply makes the kitchen too tiny to even get in, an L-shaped layout is preferred. The large appliances are built into the furniture and this way the overall look is clean and simple.

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Other times, the kitchen space is small but part of an open floor plan or least connected to one other space. A flexible design is needed and a kitchen island becomes a natural choice. However, everything included here has to be practical and well-through though.

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And when the kitchen is simply tiny and there’s no way around it, then you have to be really clever and try to include as much storage as possible without making it feel cramped. Most often, open shelves are preferred.

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But most of the times there’s a nice balance between the upper and lower cabinetry. Sometimes the two systems are even symmetrical. It’s one of the easiest ways to deal with a small space while keeping it simple.

Smart organization tips

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Organize items in trays and boxes. This way you can find them more easily inside the cabinets plus, you can even stack them and make the most of the shelves. You can use this system for organizing the lids or small kitchen tools. The containers will act as pretend pull-outs.{found on site}.

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If your small kitchen has a pantry, no matter how tiny, then make the most of it. Organize everything in boxes and containers to save space and to easily find the item you need when you need it. Label everything and make lists which you attach to the inside of the pantry door.{found on makebakecelebrate}.

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Drawers are the most difficult to keep organized. So put a system in place. Use containers and dividers to organize the space inside. Keep all the knives nice and safe and group similar items by function or size.{found on thewandmakersmother}.

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Organize your bottles, jars and spices with rotating shelves. This is a great idea for corners and they also make it super easy to grab the needed item without knocking over others or making a lot of effort.{found on handymancraftywoman}.

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Put a cork board on the inside of a cabinet door. Then you can nicely organize your measuring spoons or other small items and utensils. You can also use it for grocery lists which are easy to pin down. {found on mysocalledhome}.

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And speaking of that, there are other ways in which you can cleverly use the inside of the kitchen cabinets. For example, organize and store the spices in there. Or perhaps you can put a rod and some hooks and store your wooden spoons.{found on jennaburger}.

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Use your deep drawers properly. Compartmentalize them so you can organize everything just right. Keep all the containers, lids and jars in place and this way you’ll actually get to save space and it will be easier for you to find the grab the thing you need.

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Customize everything. All the drawers, cabinets and shelves can be customized so you can use more efficiently. For example, install dividers and make a storage space for your cutting boards or baking sheets. And don’t overlook vertical storage.

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Organize and store your pots and pans by attaching hooks to the underside of a wall-mounted shelf. Further more, you can also attach a storage system for the lids.

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Install pull-out shelves inside your kitchen cabinets. Why knock over things when you need to reach something at the back of the cabinet when you can slide out the shelf or drawer and easily see everything and grab the thing you need?