Tips for Creating a Cohesive Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They give people a way to display a lot of photos and artwork all in one place, as well as a way to show some real creativity. But there are some important tips that should be considered.

Carefully select artwork.

Blue Wall White Frames

The first step in creating a gallery wall is to pick out which pieces you want to display. The beautiful thing about a gallery wall is that you can display so many different things at once. You can pick out personal photos, abstract art, illustrations, and whatever else you can think of. Many people choose to have a theme for their gallery walls so that they go together well, but you can also just pick out a large selection of things that are important to you.

Use a common element.


There should be at least one thing that pulls your gallery wall together. This can be something about the artwork – maybe all of the pieces are black and white photos or colorful abstract pieces. Or you could use the same frames or the same matting. Or you could just choose an overall color scheme and make sure it is spread out throughout the gallery wall.

Mix it up.


While there should definitely be something to pull all of your pieces together, you shouldn’t be afraid to have some variance either. Some gallery walls use the same sized frames evenly placed along the wall, but there’s nothing wrong with having many different types of artwork in different sized frames and having them scattered along your wall seemingly at random.

Plan out Frame Placement.

Once you’ve picked out your artwork and frames, you’ll need to pick where they should go on your wall. You can cut out paper that is the size of each frame you want to use and then move them around on your wall to see where each one looks best. Make small marks using a pen or some painter’s tape at each corner and then hang up your frames.

Blue Wall White Frames

The most important part of creating a gallery wall is to make it your own. Choose pieces that you love and that complement your space. If you do that and follow the other tips above, you should have a wonderful new way to display all of your favorite pieces in your home.

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