Tips For A Perfectly-Made Bed And A Clean And Neat Bedroom Décor

Nobody likes a messy bed in their home. But nobody really likes making the bed either so we find ourselves in a dilemma. The solution is no to give up making the bed altogether and ignoring the mess but to rather try to make this process as simple and quick as possible. Here a few tips that we find useful and that might make a difference in your case too.

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For example, the first thing you should do is gather your bed linens. Of course, it all depends on the type of your bed and of the room but the usual components are a mattress pad, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, a blanket, a quilt or duvet, pillow shams, accent pillows and a bed skirt. Some are optional and others depend on the season so the list might change from person to person.

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Then you should head towards your ironing board and start pressing the linens. It’s a step that almost nobody enjoys but that is however necessary if you want your bed to look good. So face your nemesis and just get it over with. Some inspiring music might help too.Another very important thing is to pull the mattress pad smooth. This is a crucial step and, if done wrong, it can ruin your bedtime comfort. So rather than not feeling comfortable all night long and wishing you would have taken 5 more minutes to do the job right, it’s best to do it right the first time.

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Then there’s the problem with the fitted sheet. It also needs to be tucked tightly. So be extra careful when buying the sheets because if they don’t have the optimal dimensions it can all be in vain. An extra deep sheet should be perfect, especially if you have a tall mattress.

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The blanket comes next. Sometimes it happens for the blanket to be slightly shorter than the sheet. In such cases it’s best to pull it down from the top rather than up from the bottom. The bottom should like particularly nice since the top area will be covered with pillows anyway.

When layering the pillows, start with the ones you’ll be sleeping on. This way when you go to bed all you have to is remove the ones you don’t need and go to sleep. Accent pillows are nice because they make the bedroom feel more cozy and inviting but they’re optional.

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