Tips For A Feng Shui Office

The basic principles of feng shui which are often applied to a home can easily be applied to an office also. Similar to the home front, the approach of office feng shui concepts are to achieve an excellent flow or balance between harmony and the flow of “chi”.  Offices designed with feng shui guidelines allow the owner to focus on the development of his career and avoid unpleasant effects of office politics and disagreements. It offers the exceptional advantage of promoting interpersonal relationships with superiors and colleagues and thereby attaining a harmonious working condition.

Office accents

De clutter – one of the primary rules of feng shui which is applied to homes also is to get rid of all sorts of clutter as it is known to hinder the smooth flow of “chi”. Organize the files and documents and make it a habit to dispose of everything, which is not required. Desks should be clean, drawers should be well organized and hanging computer chords neatly tied. Getting rid of the clutter will create room for new opportunities.

Function – the other primary rule of feng shui applicable to the office is the function. Functionality should be the sole factor in deciding the placement of furniture, installation of fixtures and even technology in the office. Every object should be placed and optimized according to its usage.

Office accents

Comfortable – feng shui is also known to lay a lot of importance on being comfortable. Being comfortable in the office gives way to calm working environment and maximized productivity at all times. In addition, the layout of the office furniture should also be considered. For instance, one should not have his back facing anything else except a wall. The optimal setup is to face the door so that people entering the room can be seen.

Office accents

Accent pieces – similar to home, feng shui suggests to introduce accent pieces to the office also. The ideal accent piece for any office is a table fountain. The pleasant sound of flowing water shall contribute to create a calm environment. Aquarium is another item that can be added.

Rearrange – As change is an inevitable element of life, one must give utmost consideration to rearrange the furniture at least once in every two to three months. This shall optimize the work environment.