Tip Over Dining Table from Porada

Nowadays everybody wants more and more and bigger and bigger. But the desire that most people have is to have more space at home. Whether you have kids or not you still need your house to be spacious, to allow you to walk inside without bumping into all kinds of furniture pieces. So the ideas that help you save some space are very well received. Here is a brilliant one: the dining table that folds and turns into a wall mirror. It’s the Tip-over table from Porada.

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This table is so useful because it gives you the possibility to save a lot of space and also have a wide dining table available whenever you need one. You simply take the mirror down from the wall where it hangs and … there you go. It is useful in both appearances, as a big wall mirror is a woman’s best friend and also good help for a gentleman, as you can see your whole body and the way you look before getting out of the door.

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The solution is very elegant because the table will not be stored somewhere where it also keeps some space open, but on the contrary stays in plain sight and can be admired and useful. I personally find the idea of the designer (Borgonovo) brilliant and I honestly congratulate the guys from Porada for the good work.