Tiny studio apartment with a cozy and airy interior

This is an apartment that measures only 33.5 square meters. It’s a tiny place but it can be enough space for one person. Sometimes it’s better to have a tiny space that’s yours and yours only than to live in a huge house with a bunch of other people you don’t really like. It’s nice to escape from family and to be on your own. And just because this apartment is small it doesn’t mean it’s not inviting and cozy.

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The reality is that a small space is more likely to feel personal, comfy and welcoming than a large one. This mini studio apartment only has one room. This is where its owner works, spends time with guests and rests. It’s a room that was functionally divided to make space for storage, work and relaxation. One wall features a series of suspended cabinets. They are great for storing all sorts of things. Underneath these cabinet is the work area. It’s a simple desk with a chair but it’s enough.

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The opposite wall has an eye-catching black and white print. Against it is the raised bed, with its simple, modern and comfortable design. A simple coffee table in front of it makes the room complete. The furniture might not be the expensive type but it’s beautiful, comfortable and elegant. It’s also very functional and this is a very important aspect in this case. This tiny apartment also has a tiny kitchen with a small dining corner. It’s a simple kitchen with white walls and furniture and with an expandable dining table. It might be a small home but it’s very inviting and chic.{found on Alhvem}.