Tiny Spaces, Big Style Impact

We live in a world where everyone wants the biggest and the best items. But, sometimes, as the saying goes, the best things come in little packages. It’s amazing what creative designers have done with small spaces, from building built-in shelves to constructing entire loft areas. When you see some of these incredible spaces, it might cause you to pause and rethink some of the design elements in your own home.

The spaces featured below have been chosen because they have unforgettable style impact. Essentially, if you walk into one of these spaces, you’ll immediately want to emulate the style and structure. Part of this impact is that these designers and homeowners were able to do a lot with a little. Another part of it is that they simply have great taste. See what we mean below.

1880 Australian bungalow

This home, featured on Homedit few days ago, truly utilizes its small footprint. Tucked snugly between two buildings, this home features a unique shape that allows for tall ceilings, a loft bedroom, and even a gorgeous pool. Ultimately, this home is proof that all it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity to make a small space a livable home.

Dining elegant roomView in gallery

This stunning home, featured on Design Shuffle, packs a ton of gorgeous style in a small space. The plush eating area and the architectural details contribute to the classic feel. The lighting, in particular, helps this space to feel airy and open even with all the windows covered by thick curtains. Remember, a great trick in a small space is to have a light colored floor, ceiling, and furniture to help make the space feel bigger and more open.

Saving spaceView in gallery

This dreamy little loft is a great representation of chic, contemporary style. From the barely there stairs to the fun rug and retro chair, this room has it all. I especially like how the space underneath the loft feels open and not cramped, a difficult feat to achieve in spaces as small as this one. You’ll also notice that the style is very unassuming, and the bed is a simple mattress, yet the space still feels beautiful.{from Apartment Therapy}.

FireplaceView in gallery

This gorgeous studio apartment has all the right stuff. The fireplace and the expensive linens make this space much more high end than your average studio. They were even able to fit in an eating area and a sitting area, even though the apartment likely sits at around 500 square feet. Like some of the rooms featured above, the white walls and painted bricks in this home help to keep this space light, despite its basement status

Saving space1View in gallery

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to help a small space feel bright and expansive. With just a little white paint and some thought, you can achieve results similar to the inspiration rooms featured here. We hope these images have inspired you to embrace your small space, whether you just downsized or are considering buying a larger home. Remember all it takes is a bit of thought and creativity to create an amazing space from a little footprint.