Tiny self sufficient house in California

This tiny house is located in the coastal mountains of Northern California. It sits in a secluded area, far away from all the traffic from the city. The owners of this house are Diana and Michael Lorence. At a first glance, the house seems really nice and cozy. It has the privacy anyone wants and it also benefits from nice views and lots of surrounding vegetation.

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But what it might seem like a normal house is in fact a very unusual home. This 12-foot square house has no electricity or hot water. It seems insane to even think that anyone would want to live like that. The only heat source in the house is a fireplace that also serves as a stovetop for cooking. The owners claim that they in fact live a life of luxury. Of course, this is arguable.

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What one might find beautiful another one might hate. Anyway, at the end it’s all about happiness. And if these guys decided that they want to live like this and this makes them happy why not believe them…For them everything comes to simplicity and peace. The couple used to live for 30 years in small homes and often even guest homes. At one point they decided to finally have their own place to call home. When that happened they knew exactly what they need and they brought only the essentials.

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Their home has been designed as a simple retreat, a place for contemplation, peace and simple conversations. This is how the couple sees it and it seems to be working pretty well for them. It looks like what some of us find indispensable others might find useless.{found on Fair Companies.}.