Tiny Attic Becomes A Full-Scale Apartment Designed For Entertainment

An apartment that measures only 25 square meters which is around 270 square feet is pretty tiny to serve as a comfortable home with everything it needs so imagine such a space also including a guest bed and a home office. How could it all possibly fit inside? Well, this Paris apartment will show you.

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To make room for everything, even the basic features had to be strategically designed. Look closely and you’ll see that part of the kitchen is tucked under the staircase. It’s where the sink and the appliance garage were placed.

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Tiny attic apartment paris kitchen shelvesView in gallery

Tiny attic apartment paris kitchenView in gallery

A separate kitchen island/ bar and a bunch of open shelves complete this area of the apartment. There may not be any large kitchen cabinets but there’s enough storage space for everything and by combining the functions this way a lot of floor space was saved.

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You probably noticed that rustic staircase by the bar. And here’s the reason why it had to be there. Climb up and you’ll reach a cozy sleeping nook. This is the new loft space that was creates after the existing ceiling was knocked down to reveal the angled roof.

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Although tiny, this “guest bedroom” is pretty cozy once you get yourself up there. In addition, this space also doubles as a reading nook.

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The ground floor includes a home office with lots of storage. The desk has built-in storage inside the drawers and there are also those open shelves for storing books, documents and everything else. And there’s even more storage hidden behind those curtains.

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And that loft space to the left of the home office is another sleeping area. Use the ladder and you’ll reach the loft bedroom, decorated with striped pillows and wall-mounted accent lights.

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The ground floor also includes this cozy seating space composed of a small sofa with comfy pillows and a three-legged coffee table. The colorful tiles and the geometric prints on the pillows and sofa cover give this space a really nice vibe. And have you noticed that foldable side table?

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This apartment may not have a lot of square footage but it’s pretty cozy and great for entertaining friends. It includes that guest bed, the sitting area and the large kitchen bar so it has that going for it. Not bad for such a tiny place.