Tiny One-Room Apartment Featuring Built-in Furniture And Expandable Features

A 400 square foot apartment is pretty much a show box and most would consider it to be simply too small in order to allow you to comfortably live there. However, for an interior design or decorator, such a space is a true challenge and a great opportunity to exercise their skills. We found a perfect example for that.

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This tiny apartment was nowhere near as inviting and beautiful before it got renovated. The first concern was, of course, the size of the apartment.This tiny space had to somehow seem bigger.

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In order to do that, the designer working on this project decided to go with the usual approach and to create a versatile living area with a platform of lounges that doubles as beds. A wall of custom cabinets was also considered for the project. In the end, everything turned out nicely.

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Hughston studio living room drapes1

The apartment’s defining feature became a curtain wall with gold drapes hanging in sliding panels. The curtain conceals part of the apartment including the bed, desk and the dining area.

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Hughston studio kitchen portrait

Because of the lack of space, built-in furniture and expandable features had to be considered as well. A custom-made Murphy bed turns the living area into a bedroom and remains hidden when not needed. As you can see, a one-room apartment is actually three rooms and they’re all comfortable and functional.{found on dwell}.