Tiny LED lamps by RUGGIU

In case you got tired to always see the same oversized designs meant to surprise and to amaze, here’s something you’ll find different and maybe more appropriate for your own home. It’s a collection designed by RUGGIU lightingwear and it’s called Micro. As you can guess, it’s a collection of tiny LED lamps.

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They look very cute and they’re very practical. The lamps are the size of an apple. They come in several different color combinations and they can be used separated or by putting them together. The lamps are also a very good choice for the children’s room because they are small and cute and they have soft lines and safe design. Their design is extremely simple and modern. Because they are so small they can be placed just about anywhere, even in placed that were inaccessible for regular lamps.

Tiny led lamps View in gallery

Whether you need some light for your computer, in the bathroom, basically anywhere, these lamps will help you. They are a great choice regardless of the interior design of your home. Don’t be fooled by their small size. These lamps will definitely do the trick when you need some light. They are also great as a reading lamp or when you need to do something without disturbing everyone by turning on the lights in the room. Moreover, they have the advantage of looking very cute.