Tiny apartment renovation featuring white walls

Even though we all wish to have big homes and to have all the space we can use, it’s usually just a dream. Some of us have to deal with small apartments such as this one. This apartment measures only 45 square meters. It might be tiny but it’s still a cozy home. When you have such a small home it’s important to know how to organize and plan your space. This was also the goal during the renovation of this apartment.

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The renovation took place between 2005 and 2008. It was a long period of time but the project wasn’t easy either. The interesting thing is that not a single wall had to be removed. The internal structure of the apartment was preserved as such. Instead, the interior design was majorly transformed. The apartment got a bright and airy décor. Even though the space was the same as before, the atmosphere was completely different.

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In order to achieve this result, the apartment was painted white almost entirely. The old wooden floors got a fresh white coat of paint. The walls were also painted white. The apartment also benefits from beautiful views and a balcony. This provides lots of natural light and it also opens up the space a little. The furniture was replaced with something more modern. Most of the furniture is white. The apartment features a nice combination of white and brown, not a very bold color but one that adds depths to the décor.{found on Bovision}.