Tiles for the hallway

Fashion comes and goes and it is replaced by another one that forms some other tastes to the people living in that period and what was really cool and fashionable some time ago now can be seen as a lack of taste or worse. That applies to the things we use in the house and the way our homes look. For example there was a time when everybody was desperate to cover everything in carpets, including walls and the last single inch of floor. Then, after some time, you simply had to use wooden flooring. And now it’s the moment when you use tiles. Of course people exaggerate and use cement tiles even in their bedrooms which I think is awful , but again everybody decides for their own houses.

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Hallways with tiles on are a lot easier to clean and they look very well if you choose a nice model. It is recommended for big houses with a lot of traffic, where a lot of people go to and fro every day and where carpets would be ruined in one month. If the owner is a wealthy person, then he could choose natural stone tiles and the hallway will look amazing, just like this one covered with Morocco style ones.

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If the size of the tiles is average and there are different models on them, you can use your imagination and combine the tiles in different models , with great effects on big areas. For the smaller homes specialists recommend only one color, especially in lighter shades in order to create the sensation of space. Though I have to admit this beige hallway looks really great and the house is pretty big.

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