Tibetan Coffee Table

Some tables, like the dining tables are usually covered with a tablecloth. You do that to protect the furniture, but also to give a sensation of cleanliness and order to the house. But coffee tables are different. They are meant NOT to be covered by any tablecloth, but to be admired for their design and beauty. That is why coffee tables are normally very beautiful. Some of the modern ones are covered with glass, but the old-fashioned ones are made entirely of wood. This Tibetan Coffee Table has a great design and shows the traditional art of the Tibetan people.

Tibetan coffee

This amazing coffee table is made of elm or Gingko wood and has clear simple lines. The table is covered with very nice floral themes in warm colours. The patterns are pretty intricate and all the details are minutely designed, making the coffee table look like a piece of jewelry. What’s even more interesting about this table is the fact that you can also use it as a storage space. That is possible by using the three front drawers, but also the back ones. This is very useful when you want to store small items. The item is available now for $1,120.