Three ways of creating a warm and cozy guest bedroom

A spare room is something I’m really looking forward to when I’ll be moving out. I definitely want my friends to have a room when they want to stay over. I also want them to feel just like home in there so here are three tips hat will help you turn your guest bedroom into a warm and cozy space.

Twin bedroom

Even though it might seem childlike to some of you, twin beds are actually great for guest bedrooms. You never know how many people will stay over at one point and you definitely don’t want them to have to sleep on the floor. And if a couple happens to use the room you can just put the two beds together and solve the problem. It’s perfect when you think about it.

Electric pink bedroom

The second tip has to do with art. You can create a gallery wall where you can display photos or pictures that you like. This way you’ll be creating a focal point of attention in the room and you’ll also share with your guests something that you really like. It’s like letting them inside your mind for a moment.

Electric bedroom

The third thing you should keep in mind in the contrast of color. Since the guest bedroom is only a temporary space, you can really let your imagination run wild and create something daring that you wouldn’t normally do if it were your bedroom for example. This doesn’t mean you have to exaggerate.{pics from schoolhouseelectric and designpd}.