Three Storey Extension To A Lakeside House Featuring An Open And Asymmetrical Design

We now go to Carinthia, Austria where we found this beautiful lakeside residence. But it’s not the actual main residence we’re interested in. We want to explore and take a closer too at the extension that was added to it. It was a project by Spado Architects and it’s quite interesting.

Lakeside house austria2

The extension has three levels which is a little unusual. But when you look at the whole picture, you see that, despite its size, the extension blends in beautifully and it matches the main residence perfectly. Because the original structure had a contemporary design, the extension was designed in the same way.

Lakeside house austria

Lakeside house austria1

Lakeside house austria3

Lakeside house austria4

It features clean, geometric lines and shapes and an overall simple design. The three story structure plays on the shape of the landscape and this allows it to become a part of the décor.The newly-built space is facing the lake and this allows it to offer stunning views on all three levels. The internal layout has the kitchen in the center.

Lakeside house austria5

Lakeside house austria6

Lakeside house austria7

Lakeside house austria8

Lakeside house austria9

All the other spaces are organized around it. The kitchen is facing east and it welcomes the morning sun inside every day. The façade of the extension faces north which is not a very common choice but it has its advantages. For example, there’s no need for shades and the all-glass walls become a stunning feature.