Three Shelf Wooden Bookcase

I know that people no longer read books or there are very few who do this. Then there are the e-books that can be read on your computer, so bookshelves are not so popular these days because they no longer have books to store. However, you can always use bookshelves as decorative furniture or for storing other decorative things. So bookshelves can be really cool to see in your home, especially if they have a cool and modern design like this Three Shelf Wooden Bookcase.

Il 570xN 273198521This particular piece of furniture has a very modern and interesting design with three shelves inside. It is made of reclaimed pine, and lauan and has very strong corners because they are highlighted by black steel. The designer and craftsman who handmade this bookshelf calls himself Maple Bear and has a workshop in Chatsworth, CA where he makes manufactures all the items shown on his web site. If you like what you see, you can order one piece now for $275.