Three Sixty Table

Here’s another coffee table that you could probably just build yourself in order to save a boatload of cash. The Three Sixty Table was designed by Studio Mauerer Hendrichs and it features three sets of trucks and wheels from a skateboard. With the wheels the 40-inch glass top can be rotate just like a gambling roulette. the Three Sixty Table is available for $1,795.

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It’s such a rudimentary table and it’s so simple to build that you wonder why you should pay all that money for something that you could very well create just by yourself. Well, it’s not about how simple or difficult it is to build a piece of furniture, it’s about the idea. So if you think it’s so simple, then how come you didn’t come up with this idea before the designer did?

This unusual coffee table is not the most elegant piece of furniture you could have in your house. However it’s fun and original. I honestly wouldn’t like to have it in my home. I like my coffee table to look… normal. But there are enough people out there who are constantly looking for something original, something special to include in their homes. And this piece fits the criteria. So what are you waiting for? Just buy it already.