Three rooms apartment with a big modern kitchen

This interesting decorated house has a number of 3 rooms and a big kitchen. You don’t need to have a description to know that this is a typically Nordic design. It has a surface  of 78  square meters and it is located at the fourth floor in a quiet building. This is a little more  than an ordinary home, recently renovated its new design captures every ones attention through light, modern, and quality. This apartment combines the best of two different centuries. Light wooden floors, deep window sills an high ceilings stand for contemporary luxury and style. The kitchen also combines more than functionality, resulting  a place for fun and food.

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White cabinets  and doors follow the house’s  clean, simple line. Modern appliances complement the room along with plenty of storage  space. The dining area is relatively large, furnished all the way up to the living room. This chamber  features two large windows providing  through the amount of natural light that passes in ,a light feeling  of an airy space.

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About those bedrooms I can only say that are perfect for a good long night sleep. Also bright colors can be found to enhance the space and the bright red carpets. Walls, were decorated with patterned wallpaper or simply  dressed in  bright colors. The bathroom is wonderful, black and white tiles make it timeless. Modern sanitary objects are a must have in such a place.  I personally like it, it is enough for most of us, but probably more important is the positive atmosphere from this household.{found on alvhem}.