Three homes you can buy for $650,000

When buying a home it’s important to first set a budget. This way it’s easier to sort the options and to find the place you want. Let’s say your budget is $650,000. We found three lovely homes you can buy with that money and here they are.The first option would be a two-bedroom, two-bath condo located in Dallas. It measures 2,309 square feet and it’s currently on the market for $625,000.It’s a lovely town house on the northwestern edge of downtown Dallas, a bout a mile away from the city’s arts district. It’s located in a gated community of 20 town houses that were built in 1996-97.

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It has an open, loft-style look with concrete floors and brick walls. It also features wood-beamed ceilings and lovely interior decors. It includes a bedroom and hallway on the entry level. The second level houses a living room with large windows, a dining room and a kitchen. There’s also a third level with a master bedroom, a bathroom and another living room. The property also includes a stone courtyard, a garden and a sitting area, as well as a common pool.

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Another option would be a three-bedroom, two-bath modern house located in South Kingstown, a town neat the coast of Rhode Island. The house costs $619,000 and measures 2,294 square feet. The property includes two outbuildings. The main house only has one level and features an L-shape. It was built in the early 1950s and it has been renovated between 2004 and 2006. Now it has a mid-century modern look with Swedish influences. The master bedroom has walnut flooring and the living room, located in the center of the house, features sugar pine framed windows. It opens to a desk and a pool. There’s also a TV room with a fireplace and a kitchen connected to the deck. The property also includes a single-room guesthouse and a studio that was built in 2005.

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The third property is a five-bedroom and four-bath house located in Denver. It covers an area of 2,373 square feet and it was built in 1941 and renovated in 2006. It features a living room with a gas fireplace, a dining room and three bedrooms on the entry level. There’s also a kitchen and a master suite with walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. The basement has a nanny’s quarters with a bedroom and bathroom as well as a laundry room, a utility room and a family room. This property is listed for $619,000.