Three bedrooms & two living rooms Residence by EnterProjects

The Aldritch Residence is a two-storey structure with a contemporary design. It was designed by Australian studio EnterProjects and it’s located in Perth, Western Australia. It was meant to look like an extension of the landscape. The house embraces the landscape and really seems like a part of it. In fact, the roof is an extension of the landscape below. Moreover, the volumes act as an extension of the ground as well.

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The house has 3 cozy bedrooms and two living rooms which might sound a little unnecessary but it’s actually a well-thought design. The two separate living areas are actually the extremities of the house and they are only connected by the roof. The bedrooms and the bathrooms form a private area and are situated on the west side of the residence. All the rooms are stylish and beautiful. The interior décor is both casual and chic. There are some elements that are indeed unique and very eye-catching. Here I’m talking about those amazing pendant lamps.

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The modern décor also shows great taste in terms of color and texture. Notice the white and red living room and the dining room where glass and transparency is combined with fluffy rugs and fine materials. The ceilings are a beautiful architectural detail. The graceful undulations of the roof are yet another thing that makes this house special.{found on homedsgn}