Exuberant Residence Mixes Three Apartments Into One

In the early 2000s the old Redpath sugar refinery found in Montreal, Canada was converted into luxury lofts. In 2010 Les Ensembliers, a team of creative professionals with the guts to take on everything, managed to combine three adjoining apartments into a single beautiful family home.

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The team’s attention to every aspect of the project allowed them to create cohesion between the apartments, using their characteristic interplay of references to give the space authenticity and character.

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The Redpath residence extends over three floors and covers an area of 6000 square feet. Even though there’s a clear distinction between all the different functional zones, the interior design is coherent throughout.

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In order to create the division between the zones, the team decided to introduce two bold architectural statements, one being a central opening that forms an atrium linking all the three floors and the other being the existence of a dynamic axis which raises the floor and links two staircases, forming a walkway between the living room and the guest room.

Redpath residence living area graphical carpetView in gallery

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There are three main distinct zones. One combines the foyer, the dining room, kitchen and the children’s playroom, another houses the public areas and the third is made up of all the private spaces. The transition between all these spaces is fluid and natural, becoming an important characteristic of the residence’s complex personality.

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Each zone received a special treatment and the particular approach has to do with the interior design as a whole, the choice of materials as well as the selection of furniture. Every room is an artwork with a unique and complex personality.

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The living room is an artistic composition where angular accent tables, comfortable armchairs, a black metal bookshelf and carefully selected textures and colors create an ambiance that’s both cozy and exuberant.

Redpath residence turquoise hallway walls

Subtle yet strong contrasts define this area. They come in the form of carpets and area rugs with geometric designs that contrast with rounded accent cushions and wall mirrors.

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In the dining room, a central steel fireplace provides a beautiful backdrop for the oval table. Large windows allow natural light to enter the space while also offering views of the outdoor areas and establishing a strong connection between the two planes. The high ceiling offered the perfect opportunity to add a large chandelier above the table, establishing a sophisticated décor.

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The kitchen is linked to the dining room and has been reduced to its essentials. Even so, it’s a very spacious zone that features three minimalist islands and generous storage which, together with the appliances, has been concealed behind closed doors.

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This interplay of contrasts between raw industrial character and urban comfort also characterizes the private areas. The master bedroom, for example, combines warm colors, cozy and sophisticated textures and carefully selected materials and the result is a balanced décor with lots of character and charm.

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The marble fireplace and the mix of silk and velvet throughout establish a dynamic ambiance with a distinct touch of urban chic.

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Similarly, the spacious bathrooms use carefully selected colors, materials, textures and proportions to look chic without neglecting comfort. Nothing is here by chance, especially the strong references such as the penny-covered walls in the restroom.

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