How Area Rugs Can Help Define Your Home’s Style

Area rugs, curtains, framed paintings, light fixtures… these are all potential focal points for any home, accessories that can change the décor of a room and make it stand out. Rugs are particularly interesting and mysterious. They offer us warmth, texture and pattern and can help define the style of our homes.

Forest floors.

Forest floor carpet themedView in gallery

Want to turn your living room into an exotic, nature-inspired paradise? What better way to do it than with a rug that mimics the forest floor, with leaves, moss, earth and everything else right there.

Geometric patterns.

Bedroom geometric rug patternsView in gallery

An area rug featuring a geometric design can be just the thing you need to tie the rest of the accent details together. Play with shapes and forms and choose a rug that best incorporates the rest of the room’s design.

Colorful stripes.

Rainbow carpet for entrywayView in gallery

Striped rugs are some of the most versatile and easy to work with. If you want to add color to a hallway, to a dining room or bathroom, pick a rug with different colored stripes, like a rainbow to cheer up the décor.

A rug that covers most of the floor.

Cover the entire floorView in gallery

Large rugs are usually seen in traditional interiors. They cover most of the floor and the furniture is placed on top of them. This ensures a uniform look for the entire room.

A background for the coffee table.

Midcentury living room carpet under coffee tableView in gallery

In most modern homes, an area rug of small of medium dimensions is usually placed under the coffee table. It’s the element that connects the rest of the décor and serves as a beautiful focal point and background.

Fun shapes for the kids’ rooms.

Colorful green kids carpetView in gallery

The rug you choose for the playroom or the children’s bedroom should have a fun and cheerful design. Usually this means bold colors but you can also look for a rug that has an interesting shape.

Warm and fluffy bedroom accents.

Warm bedroom carpetView in gallery

The rug you use for the bedroom should be cozy and fluffy, pleasant to the touch in order to make the room feel warm and comfortable. You can experiment with different materials and textures.

Stylish patio rugs.

Stylish patio rugView in gallery

The indoor spaces aren’t the only ones where area rugs can be beautiful accessories. You can also use one for the patio or outdoor dining area. It’s guaranteed to make the space feel more inviting.

Themed designs.

Themed rug designView in gallery

If there’s a theme you’ve chosen for the décor of a room then this is a perfect opportunity to make the rug a focal point. If you want something truly special then you can have the rug custom made.

A modern touch in a traditional setting.

Striped addition wood cabinView in gallery

The rug is also an element that can link two or more different styles in the case of an eclectic décor. For example, this striped rug merges the modern and traditional influences in a very simple way.

Add color to any room.

Rugs can add color to any roomView in gallery

Area rugs are a great source of color for any room of the house. They’re an excellent accessory for the bedroom where the décor is usually simple, neutral and serene. It can still be relaxing even with a vividly-colored rug.