Thinking man’s chair by Jasper Morrison

When you are outside, taking a rest in a comfortable armchair you feel like meditating and thinking about the big problems of the Universe, about life in general and your life in particular, so you are a thinking man or woman. And if it’s silence all around you can keep on thinking and meditating until you have to move in the house because of the cold of the night outside. That is what inspired Jasper Morrison to design this chair in 1988 and to call it “Thinking man’s chair”.

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This chair is very large and comfortable and it is perfect for outdoor use because it is made of plastic and metal, so it cannot deteriorate quickly. The seating is made of comfortable metal stripes and is a lot prolonged to the back, making the chair look like a lounge chair rather than a normal chair.

The legs are also a bit more spread than usual in order to offer more comfort for the person sitting there. The arm rests end with two flat pieces of metal that can be used as cup or glass trays. It is available in many colours for about $2,143.00.