How To Have Fun With Marble Contact Paper

Marble contact paper is extremely versatile and can be used in so many different types of projects that it’s hard to define categories. A while ago we offered a list of 10 interesting makeover projects that were using marble contact paper. We’ll now expand the list with a few more quirky projects.


Have an old table that’s starting to look boring? If it has a glass top then you can easily give it a makeover. Adhere marble contact paper onto the glass top and cut it to size. Then simply put the top back and the project is complete.{found on sylandsam}.


Similarly, a coffee table can get a faux marble top the same way. Roll out the contact paper, trace the outline and cut it out. Then adhere the paper onto the top little by little, making sure there are no air bubbles.{found on iheartorganizing}.


A console table or any other kind of table that has a thick, solid top can look awesome if you apply marble contact paper on it. It will actually look pretty authentic and it won’t be something you do just for the sake of changing the look.{found on thecleverbunny}.


The same idea can be applied when redecorating a desk. You can actually use a simple table for this. First remove the legs and use tape and gold spray paint to give the tips a nice elegant and chic look. Then apply marble contact paper onto the top. You can apply it in section since you’ll have trouble finding a sheet big enough to cover the entire desk.{found on somethinggoodblog}.


This technique also works on end tables or nightstands. Like this Ikea Malm end table which got a chic makeover and now it looks like it has a marble top. The new look suits it well and it’s a really simple project.{found on theblondielocks}.


Instead of applying marble contact table onto the tabletop, you can use it to cover the legs. Actually, it’s just the tips that you’ll give a makeover. This is an Ikea Lack side table and it looks beautiful now that its legs have a bit of pizzazz.{found on ikeahackers}.


In the kitchen, you can use marble contact paper to cover the countertop. It’s a simple and cheap makeover. Your counter will look like new in no time and you can redo the whole project when the paper starts to get ugly scratches.{found on ikeahackers}.


Don’t these gem ornaments look nice? They’re made using card paper, marble contact paper and cord. The first step is to download a diamond template and to print it on paper or cardstock. Then cut a piece of marble paper the same size as the template. Stick it onto the back of the card paper, cut out the template and fold it. Hang the ornaments with cord.


In case you have one of these antique trays lying around, here’s how you can give it a makeover. You need sandpaper in case there’s any paint to remove, marble contact paper, gold spray paint and masking tape. Sand down the bad areas and spray two coats of paint all over the tray. Cut the marble paper to size and adhere onto the inside of the tray.{found on revamperate}.


You can do the same thing with a plastic tray. It doesn’t have to be an antique to look good. Just go buy an Ikea Klack Tray and some marble contact paper. Remove one side of the tray and reparate the bottom piece so you can stick the marble contact paper on it. Trim the edges and paint the wooden pieces of the tray. Then put it all back together.{found on horsesandheels}.


Marble contact paper can also be used to cover boxes that you use for storage. They deserve to look nice as well so why not use this simple technique? Start with the lid and then do the same thing for the actual box.{found on homeyohmy}.